Rogue River Watershed Council (RRWC) is a non-profit organization operating in much of the upper and middle Rogue basin. We focus our activities over 1.64 million acres stretching from the headwaters of the Rogue River, near Crater Lake, to the Josephine-Curry county line.

Our organizational mission is “stewardship of the Rogue River watershed through restoration, education, and community involvement.” We achieve this mission through the dedicated efforts of five staff members and our board of directors; partnerships with many natural resource agencies and organizations (most of them Rogue Basin Partnership members); funding and support through government and foundation grants, sponsorships, and private donations; and the use of science in setting priorities, making decisions, and implementing our work. Ultimately, our focus is on restoring healthy waters and streamside areas for native wildlife, fish (particularly salmon and trout), and people in the Rogue River watershed

RRWC operates four program areas in support of our mission: instream and streamside habitat restoration, water quality improvement, monitoring watershed health, and outreach and community engagement. Recent successful restoration and water quality improvement projects include improving fish passage on Jones, Wagner, and Salt Creeks; large wood placement on Little Butte and Sugarpine Creeks; and streamside plantings on Wagner, Gilbert, Little Butte, and Sugarpine Creeks. RRWC has also deployed dozens of seasonal temperature meters to identify cold-water refugia for juvenile steelhead and Coho Salmon, and surveyed juvenile salmon populations through a volunteer-led snorkel-monitoring program. Our outreach efforts have been concentrated on the production of a bi-annual newsletter, participation in and sponsorship of many regional outreach festivals, leading area hikes to special points of interest in the watershed, and public presentations and trainings.

We have been members of Rogue Basin Partnership (RBP) since RBP’s inception and actively participate in many of its working groups and committees. RBP has sponsored several of our events, and is one of the primary partners in our fish passage program.




Executive director:  Brian Barr


Contact info:; 541-423-6185