Rogue Riverkeeper is a non-profit, grassroots organization that works to protect and restore clean water and fish in the waters of the Rogue through advocacy, accountability, and community engagement. We work to build broad-based support that fosters and nurtures community responsibility for good stewardship of our river. The Clean Water Act is the foundation of our work to protect the Rogue, clean water, fish, and our communities. We work to pass strong laws and policies that protect clean water and to defend against harmful projects that put the waters of the Rogue at risk. As a member of RBP, Rogue Riverkeeper leads the Conservation Policy Working Group.

In 2019, our three staff members are hard at work to strengthen protections for streams that flow through private forestlands in the Rogue that are currently left with weaker standards than the rest of western Oregon. You can find us out in the watershed every summer, where we work with citizen scientists to sample popular recreation sites for bacteria pollution and share that information on our website through the Swim Guide. We strengthen Clean Water Act permits that set limits on pollution and work with Rogue Climate to lead a coalition of more than 40 organizations defending against the Jordan Cove LNG export project that would cross the Rogue and nearly 90 waterways in the watershed.

There are lots of ways to get involved with Rogue Riverkeeper! Each summer, we rely on water quality monitoring volunteers to collect samples from recreation sites in the watershed. From sign making to tabling to data entry, volunteers help us stand up for clean water against polluters like the Jordan Cove LNG project. We’re always looking for volunteers to advocate for the Rogue at events around the watershed, including our annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival.