Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN – is an organization of some 1500 Southern Oregonians who are concerned about global warming and its climate chaos consequences.  SOCAN’s Mission is to promote awareness and understanding of climate science and the climate chaos consequences of our changing climate, and promote individual and collective action to address the problem.  SOCAN Co-facilitators and co-founders are Kathy Conway ( and Alan Journet ( It is governed by a Board of 7 area residents while basic operations and project direction are vested in a Leadership Circle of project leaders and the co-facilitators.

Major projects are:

Achieving meaningful greenhouse gas emissions reduction policy in Oregon thro ugh legislation and/or Ballot Measure

Collaborating with concerned local organizations to promote the inclusion of climate-smart principles into the management of Southern Oregonian forests.

Encouraging teachers in their inclusion of climate science in the classroom (K – college) with in-class presentations, conversations, lesson plans, and workshops,

Assisting a group of coastal concerned Oregonians in the establishment and maintenance of a climate activist group in Brookings/Harbor.

Offering science-based presentations and courses on basic science, local trends and projections, or any climate issues they wish considered.

Promoting communication to print and electronic media about clime issues via letters to the editor, guest columns, interviews, etc.

Anyone interested in learning more about SOCAN is invited to contact Kathy or Alan or visit the website.