Southern Oregon Land Conservancy works cooperatively with landowners and communities to save our region’s special places for today, tomorrow, and beyond. We have conserved 10,400 acres of non-federal land primarily in the Rogue Basin. Our conservation palette includes oak woodlands, salmon-bearing streams, habitat for rare and declining plants and animals, and working lands – working forests, farms, and ranches. We also conserve city-owned natural areas such as Siskiyou Mountain Park and the Jacksonville Woodlands.

Our work is complex, but our mission is simple: to protect and enhance precious land in the Rogue River region to benefit our human and natural communities. We share a deep love for this land. This is our home, our backyard, our hiking trails, and fishing holes. It’s the forests and farmlands that have sustained our livelihoods for generations. The Rogue River region is a place we cherish, and we are committed to keeping it beautiful. Over 40 years ago, a grassroots effort of concerned individuals foresaw the need to engage the community in protecting rural lands. Founded in 1978, Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, Oregon’s first regional, nonprofit land trust, was created to ensure the natural wealth of the wild and working lands of the region endures forever.

We use two main tools to conserve land: owning and caring for lands like the Rogue River Preserve ( and conservation easements. These specialized easements are a way for private landowners to guarantee that their vision for their land, lifelong stewardship, and family heritage lives on. Conservation easements promote best management practices while restricting or limiting activities such as clear-cutting, paving over prime farm soil, or subdivision. We also offer a robust community outreach program including hikes, natural science education for youth, and special events. To join us for a free hike or to learn more about our work go to