Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District (JSWCD) has been an RBP member since its inception in 2015. Our mission is to conserve, protect, and enhance natural resources for the economic, environmental, and quality of life benefits to the residents of Jackson County. We achieve this goal by collaborating with our local partners and working with private landowners to implement natural resource stewardship projects throughout Jackson County.

Our projects are directed by the needs of residents and statewide initiatives to maintain clean water for salmon, agriculture, and recreation. We work with producers to modernize their irrigation practices; urban residents to reduce their stormwater footprints; horse owners to keep manure manageable, and local educators to teach the next generation of land stewards.

Our Soil & Water Conservation Engineer and district grant writing staff have been hard at work for the last six years to assist with the completion of irrigation improvement projects in our ODA, Little Butte Creek Focus Area. During this time about 227 acres have been converted from flood to sprinkler irrigation. Another couple hundred acres of flood irrigated pasture are on the table to receive funding and technical assistance to improve flood irrigation and improve the quality of the irrigation tailwater.

Learn more about our projects at our website: jswcd.org, like us on Facebook, and find us on Instagram.