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Working groups share professional expertise, a common focus and coordinate restoration efforts across the Rogue Basin for the greatest possible benefits.

Fish Passage & Instream Flow

A robust, interdisciplinary team of professionals are combining their efforts to improve instream flow conditions in priority riparian corridors and address high priority barriers to native fish throughout the Rogue Basin. Read more.

Riparian Restoration

Restoration practitioners from a variety of RBP partner organizations are working together to identify and prioritize riparian restoration opportunities in the Rogue basin and to establish a base of standards, resources and practices to support the increased pace and scale needed to reverse the loss of riparian habitat and accomplish Rogue Restoration Action Plan goals. 
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We are working on monitoring issues and how to use the information collected to tell the story of the basin starting with water quality. Group goals include developing a monitoring plan, establishing data collection standards (methodology, QA/QC requirements), compiling monitoring locations, collecting data, data storage, identifying gaps, tracking progress, and utilizing data to prioritize projects and inform resource management decisions across the basin.
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Urban & Stormwater Management

We are working together on basin-wide stormwater issues, point source discharge, and urban impacts management to reduce the impacts on the Rogue Basin from our urban areas. Our initial focus is on smaller communities that lack the resources (staffing and/or funding) to implement programs. We are reaching out to the communities to hear their concerns, assess their needs and see how we can help.  Low impact development strategies, best management practices, education and outreach, and other measures will be used to reduce and eliminate pollution contributions from urban runoff.

Rogue Native Plant Partnership

Since August 2016, a group of agencies, private growers and NGO’s in the Rogue Basin have been working together to better meet growing native plant materials needs in the region. The partnership is currently working to streamline and sustain the seed collection and native plant procurement process. Read More.

Cooperative Weed Management Areas

A partnership of federal, state and local government agencies, tribes, individuals, and various interested groups that manage noxious weeds or invasive plants within Jackson & Josephine counties. Read More.