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Supporting Our Members

RBP helps our members leverage each other’s strengths and meet shared goals.

  • Promoting Basin-wide Collaboration: RBP’s broad membership includes nonprofits, watershed councils, Tribes and municipalities. We partner with agencies, businesses, landowners and other stakeholders to accomplish shared goals, and we unite members and partners in ways that best meet challenges and seize opportunities.
  • Raising Funds & Administering Grants: RBP has raised over $3 million for members, thereby providing members with match to obtain millions of dollars more. RBP provides grant writing, reporting and administrative services for multi-member, collaborative grants.
  • Coordinating Programs: RBP facilitates, funds and provides technical expertise to the Fish Passage Improvement Working Group, the Rogue Native Plant Partnership, and the Jackson and Josephine Counties Cooperative Weed Management Areas. Each group brings together representatives from member organizations and partners to share knowledge and experience to strategically prioritize conservation and restoration actions.
  • Building Tools: RBP supports development and use of models and tools to help make restoration efforts more strategic and effective.
  • Sponsoring Partner Organizations: RBP provides fiscal sponsorship for unincorporated associations and non-profits, engaged in restoration activities, who have not yet attained 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Improving Connections: Members and partners have opportunities to learn from each other, including quarterly networking meetings, bi-monthly board meetings, an annual members meeting and dinner, and tours of project sites. RBP also maintains a directory of Rogue Basin environmental education centers and programs.
  • Tracking Progress: RBP is a hub for tracking progress of Action Plan implementation. RBP aggregates the information for shared use by members, partners, and funders.
  • Promoting Members: RBP raises awareness about member programs, projects and successes through monthly newsletters, our website, social media and press releases.
  • Providing Experienced Support Staff: RBP’s executive director, program manager, bookkeeper and contracted staff are focused on helping members achieve their restoration goals.
  • Looking Ahead: RBP is exploring additional member benefits, such as group insurance policies, trainings, intern sharing, and an annual Basin-wide conference.